The KLCI is sliding again. Up up. Then down. Volatility largely has ruled the stock market. The question now is whether the worst is over or we’re in for more pain. If these falls continue and extend for a few more days, dear hubby of mine,  you might start to see my signs of panic creeping in. 😉

tessa – 23 Jan 2019


EcoWorld launches home ownership with Maybank and Public Bank. EcoWorld said that the programme offered two methods for purchasers which were the Stay2Own in partnership with Maybank’s HouzKEY or Public Bank’s Help2Own via a mortgage. It said the campaign was for its residetial properties and would be until June 30, according to the Star. Whew! This is very good news indeed.

tessa – 22 Jan 2019


Foreign funds acquired RM25.5mil net of local equities last week, bringing the nine-weeks of foreign net selling to an end.  I can’t say yay to that news really.  I vote nay on any resolution that damages the livelihoods of the retail investors of KLSE.

tessa – 14 Jan 2019


Sultan Muhammad V has stepped down as the 15th Yang di-Pertuan Agong, according to a statement from Istana Negara on Sunday, Jan 6.  A terrible thing: no one to blame. Some people love to spread gossip through their blogs. Even unintentional rumors are sometimes started by bloggers. I don’t associate with people who find such great joy in belittling others.

tessa – 6 Jan 2019


Even after we’ve made a decision, for whatever reason we chose that path, when we’re living with the consequences, we don’t know what the right choice was. All we know is whether we like where we are or don’t like where we are.  But we will never know if they’re the right path until we actually make a decision, right? We might mess up, we might have to deal with some bigger consequences, but we might also have made the best decision of our life. Happy new year 2019 everyone!

tessa – 2 Jan 2019


I am shocked and sad . British India clothing no longer in Sunway Pyramid.  The company has not yet revealed which locations may soon be on the chopping block. For some remaining businesses in the mall, last Sunday was business as usual. Think twice before you give somebody a gift card for Christmas. If you don’t know what to get somebody, give them cash, you don’t have to worry about stores, outlets and locations shut down without prior notice.

tessa – 24 Dec 2018


I just heard about Adib’s passing. I’m very saddened to hear the news. 😦 Today my forest is dark. The trees are sad and all the butterflies have broken wings. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعون “Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return”.

tessa – 18 Dec 2018


Kenanga Research said in view of heightened geopolitical uncertainties coupled with poor global stocks performance as of recent, we maintain our view that the KLCI will continue its tepid trading in the short-term. I agree. The stock market, as a system, is bad. I’m not going to try to beat the market. The market is all-knowing. 😉

tessa – 17 Dec 2018


Here’s another tale of money from Santa, this time in Hong Kong. Several pedestrians in Hong Kong had their afternoons brightened Saturday when money seemingly began falling from the sky.  Now that’s an early Christmas present. And why didn’t it fall where I live instead?  Sometimes life isn’t fair. 😕

tessa – 16 Dec 2018


Days come, days go. It shouldn’t make any difference, but for some people Friday and Saturday nights are the worst . They’re the worst because the loneliness is magnified. The best you can do is hope that there is someone else like you out there, but if there is, you will never meet this person because that person doesn’t get out either. 😕 As for me, I will find comfort in the simpleness of sitting with hubby on a Saturday night with nothing else to do.

tessa – 15 Dec 2018


Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng is retiring as executive chairman of MUI.  His son, Andrew  Khoo to take over. I could have been born into any family.  I was fortunate that I was born to a Perakian Malay dad with business sense.  🙂  I know the value of money, it’s everything in today’s world. Happiness can’t be bought, but show me a sad person buying a new Mercedes or BMW. The relationship between money and its owner is in how it’s handled. 🙂

tessa – 14 Dec 2018


Bursa down for the fifth trading day on Monday. 😕 Even without a full-blown trade war, escalating internal frictions could weigh on business confidence and growth. When I’m depressed my bedroom becomes a gloomy cave. 😕 Hey, I have no idea how I’m going to make money this month. 😦

tessa – 10 Dec 2018


Bumi Armada’s share price skidded to an all-time low of 15 sen on Friday on continued selling pressure. The unusual market activity saw it being queried by Bursa Malaysia. Analysts believe it is oversold (trading below its true value).  Well, the good news for investors, oversold shares typically move higher within weeks (or months at most).  🙂

tessa – 30 Nov 2018


Casino duty 35%. Jackpot duty 20%. Genting Malaysia Berhad sued 21st Century Fox and its soon-to-be new owner, the Walt Disney Co., for pulling out of an agreement for a Fox World theme park at its casino resort. I think we all agree the casino has been a boon to the community in terms of revenues, which has helped with many capital projects.

tessa – 28 Nov 2018


Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V Marries Miss Moscow 2015 in Stunning Russian Wedding made headlines. I don’t know what the fuss is all about. Some netizens very angry, some netizens very sad, which made me unhappy all day.  He is married. That’s a good thing, right?

tessa – 25 Nov 2018


Budget 2019. Well, there’s good news and only slightly less good news. The good news is there’s no devil. The bad news is there’s no heaven. There’s nothing for me in there. In the business world, bad news is usually good news – for somebody else. I decide to turn to my old faithful solution to all that is wrong in life. Coffee. 😕

tessa – 5 Nov 2018


Lunch with family. Lunch makes me feel a bit better. I don’t know what I ate, but I felt immensely better after the first mouthful. It’s nice to just be a mom and hang out with my son at lunch. 🙂

tessa – 4 Nov 2018



The Edge reported that  the public listed company, TMC Life Sciences Bhd has awarded a RM48.7 million contract to Putra Perdana Construction Sdn Bhd to undertake piling works for construction of the 33-storey Thomson Iskandar Medical Hub in Johor Baru. TMC said its wholly-owned subsidiary BB Waterfront Sdn Bhd has awarded the contract, which is for a period of 40 weeks, with completion by Sept 2, 2019. That’s the intriguing part and what I hope TMC will tell us.  🙂

tessa – 31 Oct 2018


Snippets from The Star “Umno thought it was holding a diamond, but it turned out to be glass. We respected him as our leader, lived in the same house for so many years, sleeping in the same bed. Suddenly, one morning, we woke up and bye-bye, he is married to the neighbour,” said Kok Lanas assemblyman Datuk Alwi Che Ahmad. 😕 Some says its a reverse takeover. You know a type of merger where a large private company is merged into a smaller, publicly-listed company, and by doing so, becomes one large publicly-listed entity.  😛 This is fun. Coffee, please! 😀

tessa – 30 Oct 2018


The news, “Three of Seacera Group Bhd’s major shareholders had been forced to to sell down their stakes in the company on the market by the banks or stock broking firms, Seacera said in a Bursa filing today”.   Yeah, how does that happen? Pledging of shares? Margin Calls? Everyone should believe in something. I believe I will have another coffee. 😕

tessa – 29 Oct 2018


The selling on KLSE just won’t quit 😦 Ringgit slips further as investors await Budget 2019 😦  I don’t know why I can’t build anything that works right anymore. 😕 Clearly, these times are nothing to look forward to, but fighting back can be dangerous. 😕

tessa – 26 Oct 2018