I may not be the kind of person you want me to, but I will always be there for you.


Japan’s cabinet on Friday approved a plan to remove South Korea from a list of countries that enjoy minimum export controls, a move likely to escalate tensions fueled by a dispute over compensation for wartime forced laborers, Reuters has said. Counting to 10 and taking deep breaths may help.


Uncertainty about the proposed takeover of Gamuda Bhd’s four urban highways remains as the Aug 30 deadline for the definitive agreements approaches. Although the Finance Ministry has been consistent in its view that the government could afford the RM6.2bil deal, there have been comments by the Prime Minister that the government did not have the money to pay for it. Ever since the deal was announced in June, there have been conflicting opinions on the status of the takeover, according to the STAR. There’s considerable uncertainty as to whether the government’s job creation strategies will work.


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is adamant about keeping his promise to step down once the country is stable and on firmer ground, despite rising calls that he serve his full term as Prime Minister, the STAR has said. Asked if he would not even consider the idea to stay on for a term during an interview with a Turkish international news channel, Dr Mahathir replied: “(not) unless they push me to a corner, put a gun to my head and say you continue until you finish your term. “Unless you do that, I will step down. I will keep my promise, ” he said. I’m not interested in politics. I lose interest the microsecond it ceases to be emotional, when something becomes a political movement. What I’m interested in is emotions – Bjork


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